Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim is one of the youngest beautiful model and actress in Bangladesh. She born on November 10, 1991 and she is now only 19.

Mim is the beauty crest winner of Lux Channel I Super Star in the year 2008. She believes that every has something special talent in her won and Lux Channel I is giving them an opportunity to prove it and it is helping them to be successful.
Mim is winking in the field of modeling, acting and dancing. She has done many TV commercials, TV drama and serials. She also is working in film sector. Her first film is Impress Teleflim’s Amar Ase Jol with her CO actor Jahid Hassan. This film is one of the famous films in Bangladesh.
Mim is famous for her youngest sexiest look. She has a fare and bold look. Her slim and tall body stricture is giving her a magnetic look that is the why she is getting much popularity in a very few time.
Talented Mim has participates in many national level competitions of singing and dancing during her school life. She loves to spend her leaser by listening music or reading good books. She is also very talkative and she likes to gossip with her friends and family.
Mim wants to be a success person in her life. Her idol is her father whom she loves much.

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